Analysis – Why Isn’t Your House Selling?

You’ve made the decision to sell the house. Naturally you want this over with as quickly as possible. And of course, you want your full asking price, as well is the buyers feel grateful that you gave the place up. Of course you want this. It’s natural and it’s validating of the time you spent in the place.

So why isn’t this happening? You, and you only can really determine the particular factor, what the showstopper for your situation is. In addition, Gudrun would like to give you a few possibilities to consider:

Ø Is it possible that the market right now is just simply, ‘soft’? Okay, that is a euphemism for real estate recession. These market downturns maybe ignited from anything such as unemployment fears (locally or nationally), high interest rates, nasty weather season, or even uncertainty in the news.

Ø Have you really given the house an honest appraisal? It has been your place and you (still) love it. Have you considered the fact that you are looking the place with, “rose colored glasses”? Maybe you want to have a friend whose judgment you trust, give it the once over, pretending they are a buyer and offer honest feedback.

Ø Perhaps you’re sell your house now because you’re a little busy handling a new part of life; for example, a job transfer or other Major Life Change (MLC). Is it possible you really have not looked to see what is going on in your local market? Therefore, you just stuck a price you want on it, wanting to believe it would move for that amount.

These are a couple questions you want to ask yourself. I’m sure Tcat has a couple thoughts of his own.

Thanks Gudrun. Yes, I certainly understand that Major Life Change thing. I have been there and through it myself several times. To me, it always seems that a MLC comes at the worst possible time. What’s the old saying? “When it rains, it pours.” Everything does seem to happen all at once sometimes. In my experience, I only see a couple practical options.

Ø Pull the house from the market and rent it (providing covens allow this).

Ø Put it out on lease option (certainly not my favorite idea)

Ø Market the house through a Land Trust specialist. (May well be the best idea)

Ø I like the LT option because the seller gets a great offer and excellent protection.

The LT option has been around for awhile, and it doesn’t get a great deal of publicity as it instantly gratifying to a lot of the people actually handling the transaction. Of course I don’t hear any buyers and sellers complaining.

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