Boiler Installation Cost – Do You Need a Replacement?

If you’re considering getting a new boiler, the cost of replacing it will certainly play a part in when or whether to take the plunge. There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before finding a boiler installation cost. We’ve covered a number of them below:

How old is your boiler? This can be a crucial factor in getting a new boiler. Everything from reliability issues to size and performance. Older boilers are more likely to need servicing more frequently, and may break down more regularly. They might also look old, and be bigger than modern units meaning they aren’t in keeping with a modern kitchen etc.

Is it still available? Older models may have stopped being produced, resulting in a lack of parts being available, driving up the repair cost should it go wrong.

Is it safe? An older system could possibly present safety problems, particularly because modern boilers contain a lot of fail-safe devices in order to keep them safe. If you have any doubts about the safety of your Cv ketel vervangen you should have it checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer, or replace it entirely.

Is it reliable? Reliability can be a key decider when choosing whether or not to replace your boiler. Newer, more reliable models can save you money in the long run with longer service intervals and increased reliability as standard.

Is your boiler kind to the environment? It’s a face that new Grade-A boilers are much more efficient than older models. A high-efficiency boiler will convert 90% of fuel into heat, compared to 55% conversion rates from older boilers. The annual average saving of could be enough of an incentive to replace your boiler for a new one, but the environmental impact is significantly reduced. Coupled with the fact that new boilers can be integrated with other energy saving devices such as solar panels, new boilers certainly help the environment.


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