Learn How to Play the Violin – Why Do People Want to Learn How to Play the Violin?

Violins have featured prominently in many farm and small town festivals as being one of the instruments used during the town dance.  Violins are also largely used in a grand orchestra, often playing classical music pieces to the affluent and upper crust of society.  The versatility of the violin is primarily seen in the musical genres wherein it is used.  Most often, violins are seen being used alongside a host of other instruments in an orchestra, where the enduring strains of the violin lend a lofty sound to the body of the harmony.

Violins were also introduced into the eclectic world of jazz in the 1920s, producing an off-beat sound that lent a whimsical tone to otherwise somber jazz tunes.  The 1960s saw a growing number of violin players lending their music to popular songs being recorded and played during the era, thus officially ushering the violin into the world of pop.

A look back in history, however, will show that the violin is the embodiment of classical music, since it figures a lot in historical accounts, as well as in folk songs that are handed down from generation to generation.  The allure and romance of the music that comes from the violin has been an irrevocable part of musical history throughout the ages, and continues to be a much-preferred instrument for many, as evidenced by the development of the electronic violin, made to compliment the electronic instruments of the modern age.

Many would like to learn how to play the violin because, of all the instruments, it comes off as one of the most convenient, as it is quite easy to carry, being quite compact compared to other instruments.  The violin has enough acoustics produced by its own body to produce ample sound to fill an average sized auditorium even without a pick-up sound system attached to it.  Probably one of the most common reasons why a lot of people would like to learn how to play the violin is the fact that it is considered the height of class and breeding when one knows how to play the classics on a violin.

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