Proper Scuba Diving Equipment – What’s Required?

Humans are not made to naturally swim underwater safely unlike marine animals. That is why, we need to use specialty scuba diving equipment.

Dive learners or even an experienced diver uses proper equipment necessary to stay underwater for any appreciable length of time.

Equipment such as:

Diving mask:

Human eye is not designed to see through water. diving hoodies are designed to create a pocket of air so the diver may be able to have an underwater view.

A noted good diving mask is like a very large pair of goggles with a silicone seal/picket needed to avoid inadvertent breathing through the nose and sucking in water. Diving masks are designed to withstand great pressure underwater which makes it a vital piece of scuba diving equipment.

The Fins:

Swimming is a physical exercise that would require a lot of energy and oxygen. Divers need to conserve energy in the best possible way. Fins are used in this manner by providing a diver means to swim more effortlessly underwater.

Fins providing maximum propulsion through the water are large flexible blades that are fitted to the feet.

Two types of fins:

Strap fins have a foot pocket with a strap that fits around the heel and are worn with boots. Shoe fin fits onto the bare foot like a slipper.

Protective clothing necessary:

A skin suit is used in warmest water. It protects the body from cuts either from equipment or from brushing against corals and rocks.

Wet suit provides thermal protection allowing the body to warm against cooler water temperatures. They come in long or short arms and legs and are available in a range of thicknesses.

Wet suits are made of neoprene. This material allows water to flush through it, holding it against the body.

The semi-dry suit is designed to ingress trapped water and is warmed by the body. It is similar to a wet suit except it has seals around the neck, wrists and ankles and gives greater protection.

Lastly is the dry suit which is designed for cold water diving conditions. This suit does not allow any water to enter thus the body inside remains dry. It has built-in boots and is sealed around the wrists and neck.

Dry suit, either made from neoprene or from a trilaminate membrane, is the usually used by more experienced divers. Neoprene gloves and hoods are added for extra warmth.




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