Some General Information About Original Oil Paintings

Are you planning to decorate your home to add some aesthetic value? Then, putting up some original oil paintings might do the trick. As you may know, these sorts of paintings are normally expensive, especially if you buy works from famous artists like Rembrandt. Even if buy a small sized oil painting by a less-known artist, it might be priced somewhere from 100 – 200 US dollars. Considering the amount of money, time, energy and some expertise needed, it is very much understandable.

However, there is a good alternative to buying original oil paintings from pictures. Simply create your very own oil paintings. Apart from adding some beauty to your home, you can enjoy painting as a hobby. Oil paintings can last longer in comparison to watercolor paintings. There is a special lasting beauty to oil paintings.

It does not matter whether you lack artistic skills or confidence when it comes to painting. You can create paintings of simple landscapes, fruits, flowers or whatever. Due to the advent of the internet, there are many online schools which offer teaches painting using oils. Some of these schools give free classes so that you can try them out before paying for the painting lessons.

If you spend some time to surf the worldwide web, you will come across online art schools, which offer interactive lessons with practically the whole deal as for offline art classes. There are tutorials, videos, textbooks and even painting materials. Some of the online tutors ask you to snap pictures of the finished drawing for each lesson and send it to them. They even provide the digital camera for you to take the relevant photos.

Based on the picture sent to the tutor, he makes the necessary comments about your painting. In other words, online art schools offer similar deals as non-virtual schools with some additional benefits. You can learn at your own space and time from any corner of the Earth. For those of you are ignorant about oil painting, it is actually a form of painting, involving the usage of pigments and drying oils like linseed oil.

The normal method of painting is called fat over lean. It involves the application of an oilier layer of paint onto a less oily layer. By doing so, there is more drying time for the upper layer. This gives the artist ample time to make any necessary changes to form, color or texture. An entire layer of paint can be removed easily with a piece of rag and some turpentine if the paint not dried up yet.

If the paint had hardened, then, the layer is normally scraped off using a palette knife. A palette knife is a flat, metal blade, which can also be used for painting. Normally, original oil paintings last for ages especially with proper maintenance, even beyond sixty years. So, if you want to take up oil painting as a hobby and add some decorative items to your home, simply check out the worldwide web for online art lessons. Perhaps, you have a hidden artistic talent that is brought forth into the open after learning how to paint using oils.



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