What is Specialty Coffee?

Ever wondered as to what makes your Premium pumpkin latte so premium??

There are many ways to determine whether a coffee is specialty or gourmet coffee or just regular. Probably the best and the easiest way is to see the rating that has been given to the coffee by the specialty coffee Association of America (SCAA). If it is 80 on a scale of 100 then you can be rest assured that it is specialty coffee.

Another way is to see the beans that have been used in the preparation of the coffee. For specialty coffee it is essential that high quality Arabica beans be used for the preparation. Most of the coffee types such as instant coffee are made out of lower quality Robusta beans which taste bitter and are high in caffeine and also lack the distinct flavor and aroma of Arabica.

The specialty coffee industry during the past decade or so has seen a dramatic rise in demand and is thus a flourishing business. In fact Specialty coffee is the fastest growing sector in the coffee industry and this trend is only going to continue.

Although Specialty gourmet coffee has been around for 25 years it was mostly in the shape of mom and pop stores and small chains catering to the demands of the discerning coffee lovers worldwide. Only during the 1990’s it really picked up and attracted the attention of large retail corporations such as Starbucks.

At the end of the day what is specialty will more or less depend on what you consider as special and closer to you. You really don’t have to go by politically correct definitions to find what you truly like here. If after everything the coffee that the small shop across the street sells the best experience that you can get then that is by all means specialty coffee!



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