Shades of the Good Old Days: Antique Eyewear

Shades of the Good Old Days: Antique Eyewear” is a captivating exhibition that takes visitors on a nostalgic journey into the past, celebrating the beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance of vintage eyewear. Curated by renowned eyewear historian, Katherine Miller, this collection showcases how antique sunglasses provide a unique glimpse into the bygone eras when fashion and functionality met.

The exhibition begins with a captivating array of early sunglasses from the 19th century, displaying the vintage frames intricate craftsmanship and delicate details that characterized eyewear of that time. Visitors will gain an understanding of how sunglasses were as much about making a style statement as they were about sun protection.

As visitors progress through the exhibit, they encounter iconic eyewear styles from the 20th century. The cat-eye sunglasses of the 1950s, aviator frames from the 1940s, and oversized designs of the 1980s reflect the evolution of sunglasses as both fashion accessories and cultural artifacts.

A noteworthy feature of the exhibition is the display of sunglasses worn by famous figures, highlighting the strong connection between eyewear and the personalities who shaped the fashion and entertainment industries.

The collection also explores the evolution of lens technology, from simple tinting to UV protection and polarized lenses, revealing how sunglasses have adapted to meet changing needs and trends.

“Shades of the Good Old Days” is a celebration of vintage eyewear’s enduring appeal and its profound influence on modern fashion. It reminds visitors that classic eyewear styles have a timeless quality, leaving them with a deeper appreciation for the history and cultural significance of these iconic accessories.


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