Vape mods kits Tricks 101: Impress Your Friends with Cool Moves


vape mods kits tricks have become an integral part of the vaping culture, transforming the simple act of exhaling vapor into an art form. Impress your friends and elevate your vaping experience by mastering some cool moves with this vape mods kits Tricks 101 guide.

1. The Basic O’s:
Start with the fundamentals – blowing O’s. Take a deep drag and hold the vapor in your mouth without inhaling. Form your mouth into the shape of an ‘O’ and gently push the vapor out by pulsing your throat. Practice controlling the size and speed of the rings for a mesmerizing effect.

2. French Inhale:
Inhale deeply, allowing the vapor to settle in your mouth. Slowly open your mouth, and instead of exhaling through your mouth, push the vapor out gently with your tongue while simultaneously inhaling through your nose. This creates a captivating waterfall-like effect.

3. The Ghost Hit:
Take a long drag and exhale a small burst of vapor. Quickly inhale the vapor back in, making it disappear like a ghost. This trick relies on speed and precision, creating an illusion that will leave your friends in awe.

4. Vapor Bubble:
Create a solution of water and dish soap. Blow a large vapor-filled bubble by exhaling slowly through the solution. With practice, you can master the art of releasing vapor-filled bubbles and watching them float away.

5. Dragon Exhale:
Take a powerful drag and exhale forcefully through your nose and both sides of your mouth simultaneously. This creates the illusion of a dragon exhaling smoke. Perfect this trick for a dramatic and attention-grabbing display.

6. Jellyfish:
Begin by blowing a large O. Follow it up by using your hand to push the O, creating a flat surface. Then, exhale a smaller O through the center of the larger one. The result resembles a jellyfish swimming through the air.

7. Tornado Spin:
Using a flat surface, such as a table, exhale vapor onto it. Quickly flick your wrist in an upward motion, creating a tornado-like swirl with the vapor. With practice, you can control the size and intensity of the tornado.

Remember, mastering vape mods kits tricks takes practice, patience, and a good sense of timing. Start with the basics and gradually progress to more advanced moves. Impress your friends and contribute to the vibrant and creative world of vape mods kits culture with your newfound skills.


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